The Top 8 Health Benefits of Pole Dancing

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When people think about getting back to exercising and are looking for a fitness plan, most don’t consider pole as an option but check out these benefits and decide for yourself.

  1. Increased core strength

Core strength is something most women struggle to increase especially as we age.  Poling is a full-body workout, with core as its focus.  As soon as you lift your feet off of the ground on day one, you begin working your core.  After years of poling I’ve found that no amount of time in the gym can equate to the core workout received at the pole studio. 

  1. Increased metabolism

As with any workout regimen, cardio exercise increases your body’s metabolism and helps your body perform more efficiently.  You may not associate pole dancing with cardio exercise, but working on a choreography or performance piece and you’ll realize 3-4 minutes of non-stop dancing will increase your heart rate and improve stamina.

  1. Improved sleep

Most people don’t get enough sleep.  Regular workouts that reduce stress, exhaust the body, and improve circulation, will allow you to fall asleep as soon as you hit that pillow. 

  1. Weight loss

Pole classes are a full-body workout.  Combine regular classes and workouts along with a complete nutritional diet, and the weight will start to come off.  Most beginner students see physical strength improvements with each class and as muscle builds, fat begins to burn off. 

  1. Pregnancy Benefits

One of the huge benefits of poling is core building.  Core strength, combined with increased back strength builds the framework for an easier labor and delivery.  * We do advise to only continue poling during pregnancy if you’ve begun prior to conception and only with your doctor’s permission. 

  1. Stress reduction

As we work out, we reduce the amount of anxiety and stress accumulated throughout the day in our bodies.  This stress can cause a myriad of health problems, from headaches to depression.  The longer the workout, the more the endorphins (hormones associated with Euphoria) are produced.

  1. Increased flexibility and balance

With a pole for a partner, you learn to control pivots, spins, and turns on your own.  This strengthens the muscles and increases coordination and balance.   Back and core strength increase from poling, providing better posture.  Good posture aligns with improved lung function, healthy digestion and an alert mind. 

  1. Improved Self-confidence

Self-confidence is not just a state of mind.  With increased core strength, better posture, more improve mind set, and the empowerment you get from each and every class, you walk a little taller each day.  Your self-confidence will flourish as you begin to turn some heads.