Which Style of Pole Dance is for You?

There are 3 core avenues of pole.  Whether you are interested in Creative Pole dance, Pole Fitness, Exotic or all of the above, there is a primary route for you.

Almost everyone knows of the sexy, exotic side of pole.  If you’re looking to find your sexy, want to get your sexy back or just want to put on your stilettos and get gritty, the exotic side is for you.  Pole competitions have included this category of pole into their competitions.  These performances are more sensual, clothing more revealing, and focus is on flexibility.  Please don’t confuse the exotic side with a strip show however, as they are very different.

Most are not aware that the Olympic committee has given the Sport of Pole Observation status.  This means, quite simply, that pole is officially a sport.  Pole Fitness competitions focus on strength and technique difficulty with little emphasis on dance.

Last, but not least, is the dance side of pole.  The creative/artistic performance where a competitor or performer will develop a story line, create a character and perform that story with much emphasis on dance, fluidity and expression.

So whether you are interested in one or in all aspects of pole, whether you are looking to perform or compete, or if you want to do it all, dancing has no limits but your own imagination.  Dance on!